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August 2022 Music

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Happy August everyone!

This month we have four new songs and one “new to us” song from the 90’s. I’ve also selected at least one classic hymn per week from the hymnal and brought out some old favorites from the other two books. I’m really excited about this month’s music set and I hope it will excite all of you as well. Thanks to our amazing Director of Global Digital Operations (Stephanie), the playlist of all the music for this month is available here to listen to throughout the month and grow familiar with the music.

I’m working on music for September-November over the course of this week and some of you will be relieved to know that next month we’ll learn four more ”new to us “ songs and then we’ll be done learning new music, as a congregation, until after the first of the year. By that point we’ll have a nice working set of old, new, and newer music. The worship team however will continue to learn some fun special music and get ready for the Advent and Christmas seasons.

We’re looking to grow our worship team as well as grow the behind the scenes A.V. team (training available). I would love to chat with anyone wanting to join and help you find the right fit. Also as always I would love to chat about music and upcoming selections and hear your input and suggestions.

Thank you everyone for all you do!

Teresa Allen-Rowe

Worship Leader

Attached you will find the August music playlist.

Copy and paste link or Click on link under the streaming service you prefer

Link for SPOTIFY.

Link is for APPLE MUSIC.

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