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September 2022 Music

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Happy September to all!

As you likely have noticed our announcement asking for more people to join our team has begun to pay off and we are thrilled to welcome Jane Irion to our team. We still have room for a few more voices especially those in the lower ranges, if you are interested in participating. While we have several practices a week it is only crucial that you attend one weekly practice plus the Sunday morning warm-up mic check practice.

This month we’ll be bringing back some older “special music” and working it into the regular worship set. As usual, we will be blending this newer contemporary music with a selection of music out of our printed books; including the hymnal. Saturday practice as well as our every other week Wednesday practice is open to anyone who wishes to attend to check out what’s new, learn the music before service, or would just like to sit and enjoy some worship music on a day other than Sunday.

Again, I’m always available to chat after church or over coffee about music, any questions you may have, any requests, etc.

Thank you for worshiping with us!

Worship Leader,

Teresa Allen-Rowe

Attached you will find the September Music Playlist.

Copy and Paste the link or Click on the link under the streaming service you prefer!

Link to SPOTIFY:


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